Nanobased lubricants in short

Archoil® is a nano science oriented company incorporating the latest developments in nanobased lubricants and other formulations specifically relating to reduce friction, eliminate corrosion, reduce energy costs and extend equipment life.

Archoil® products utilize specific elements such as potassium borate, hexagonal boron nitrate, tungsten disulfide, and other complex elements in combination for the lowest friction reduction, anti-corrosion, fuel modification and high load carrying capabilities. Hence solving the most extreme lubrication and fuel quality challenges.


Archoil® is the development of a team of professionals expanding years of experience, especially in the field of nanobased lubrication, fuel, engineering and surface treatments. The people of the nC Group work together with and within the Archoil® team since 2009.

Archoil® is universal in scope and constantly researching and developing with chemists and tribologists the most efficient solutions for all lubrication and fuel challenges. The team commits to product investment and specializes in custom formulations using innovative nano technology to meet any lubrication challenge.

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AR4400 is a multipurpose nanotechnology tungsten disulfide or WS². It’s dry film surface makes it ideal for sliding mechanisms and heavy load lubrication environments.

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AR5600 does not have the greasy effect as you know it. Consequently, the chemically bonding layer leaves a dry, non-corrosive, wear resistant and extremely slippery surface.

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AR8100 is a high performance grease which delivers a nanoborate ester matrix to the host alloy. Safe to use in water, low water washout of .05. Readily biodegradable, non-toxic.

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AR8200 nanoborate aims for combatting extreme pressure and temperature applications. Particularly offers superior corrosion protection, heavy load carrying and high temperature properties.

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For the most extreme environments. Nano ceramic mineral complex forms an ionic surface bond times 5 harder than the host metal, extreme load rating at 1,813,000 PSI, lowest friction coefficient at 0.003.

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Finally, all nanoborate lubrication and anti-corrosion properties in a can. We seriously do not know one person who did not kept ordering after the first box. Jungheinrich’s product of choice for their engineers.

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