Active Cleaners in short:

Active cleaners from Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation’s core technology aim for reduction of surface energy. Particularly with additional, inherent features that affect chemical, biological and physical processes. We achieve this using fermentation-derived, food grade, stress proteins that are bound with surfactants. This forms a Protein-Surfactant Complex, or PSC. These proteins for example, that we call Protein-Surfactant Synergists (P-SS™), actively function to energize surfactant efficiencies and enhance biological processes.


So our active cleaners are not only active, but also bio-based. P-SS™ based cleaners, such as Accell Clean® and AccellGreen®, work more efficiently than most cleaners. Rather than merely dislodging contaminants to be transferred elsewhere, the P-SS™ cleaners facilitate the biodegradation of organic materials, such as biofilms, oils, greases and various stains, providing benefits that no other cleaner or degreaser can claim.

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Accell Clean® Dirty Petroleum Product is a highly effective cleaning agent. Especially for metal surfaces in need of grease and oil removal. Including crude oil and residual fuels such as HFO. Saves up to 80% time.

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Accell Clean® Deep Water Dispersant is a heavy-duty cleaning agent. Comes with a listing on the U.S. EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule for Surface Washing Agents.  For use in marine/coastal waters to break up oil on the surface.

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Indeed unique cleaning products that amplify the ability of surfactants to clean oils/greases from surfaces and accelerate bio-degradation of residual oils and other hydrocarbons in surface and wash water.

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Heavy-duty cleaning agent. Perfect for cleaning oil-contaminated surfaces. Especially for dirty shorelines, mangroves or sea grasses suffering from oil spills. Present on EPA lists.

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Especially fit for facilities with very high water flow rates. Accell®3 reduces hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems for odor control and capital equipment preservation by reducing and even eliminating corrosion. Accell® has NSF – NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certificates, for potable water use.

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Heavy-duty water-based degreaser suitable for deployment in a wide variety of applications in industrial kitchens and restaurants. Engine rooms will not mind too… Has EPA listing.

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