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Archoil AR2300 Oil System Cleaner in short

Archoil AR2300 oil system cleaner is formulated from organic esters as an advanced oil additive to dissolve carbon, varnish and sludge in engines, gearboxes, automatic transmissions, differentials and power steering systems whilst revitalizing the seals.


Archoil AR2300 consists out of three ester groups. The lanolin ester is the main cleaning agent. Its function is to impregnate the surface of varnish and carbonaceous deposits. The second is an aliphatic ester. Its function is to provide and improve film forming of the host oil, eliminating the potential of dry spots in the oiling system during the cleaning process. This component is also very resistant to oxidation and is a supplement to the host oil during the removal of contaminants that are then deposited in the filtration media.

The last ester is a biodegradable, polyol ester, which provides extreme pressure capability to the host oil. Utilizing heat, pressure, and flow generated within the oiling system, AR2300 safely and effectively dissolves deposits. Because these deposits were formed slowly over time; they are cleaned and removed slowly and methodically.

Archoil AR2300 is the ideal initial cleaning phase before using any additional oil additives. Use the oil system cleaner some 5 to 10 running hours before draining the oil system and put fresh oil plus Archoil AR9100 in place.


  • Dissolves all carbon, varnish, sludge and corrosion buildup
  • Creates a spotless surface for the introduction of fresh oil, fluid and additives
  • Keeps particles from agglomerating
  • Dissolves high temp carbon deposits on turbo bearings
  • Reduces engine emissions


  • Hot swap application
  • A safer alternative to aggressive solvents
  • Lowers fluid system operating temperature
  • Easy clean-out during operation


  • Up to 60% lower cost of fluid replacement
  • Factor 3 less downtime of system
  • Less to none stops for replacements for tubes or pipes
  • Less insurance costs due to stable TAN values
  • Restores existing system fluid, no replacement needed


  • Wear tight fitting goggles and suitable, chemical resitant gloves while using and pouring Archoil AR2300.
  • Òil system additive, at this point suitable for all types of oil.
  • Mixing ratio is 1:16 to 1:30 of the total system volume, depending on operating temperatures and system pollution.
  • Hot swap addition possible. Consequently, add Archoil AR2300 to vessel/container, engine, thruster or transmission during operation.
  • Flashpoint 210°C, Auto-ignition +400°C.
  • Pour in evenly and steadily for fastest results.
  • Ventilate working area well during working with and pouring AR2300.
  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling this product.
  • Specifically, wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Finally, take off immediately all dirty clothing and wash it before reuse. Specifically contaminated clothing should be thoroughly cleaned or disposed of as hazardous waste.


  • Store Archoil AR2300 in dry conditions.
  • Archoil AR2300 can be stored for 2 years. Keep opened packaging firmly closed.
  • Store Archoil AR2300 at temperatures between 5° C and 30° C.
  • Archoil AR2300 is available in 250ml, 1L, 5L, 20L packagings.
  • Non-hazardous good. No specific transport requirements.
  • Suitable for transport by air.
  • Delivery lead time 5 to 10 days, on stock for regular customers.

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