nC Marine Lunch & Learn. Green Shipping. Improve your Assets.

What is Lunch & Learn?

Being a more casual alternative to especially formal training and seminars, our lunch & learn brings you 3 topics of interest. For example regarding sustainable shipping, your work and our solutions, with finally a nice take-away everyone looks forward to.

How does it work?

So here’s the deal. YOU provide a room, lunch, at least 4 people of your staff (process engineers, superintendents, fleet managers, chief engineers, masters, procurement officers, cooks, CEO’s, naval architects and yourself) and a screen to put our beamer on. Consequently, WE provide indepth sharing of knowledge. Hence best practises, references and some take aways you can go practise with. Which can lead to new insights. That, for example, can lead to a Proof Of Concept. Eventually an upgrade. Finally better performance on top of that. Everything is possible, we just have to find out.

Make a choice.

Please have a look at the possibilities underneath. Of course, they are just proposals. Indeed you can fine tune just as you like. And if you have found a suitable set-up for a Lunch & Learn meeting, we look forward to receive your application form. Either on board or at your offices: Fill us in!

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