DCP500 Diesel/HFO additive: Third Letter of No Objection from Wärtsilä in a row

DCP500 Diesel/HFO additive: Third Letter of No Objection from Wärtsilä in a row

DCP500 Diesel/HFO additive: Third Letter of No Objection from Wärtsilä in a row

MDEChem’s fuel additive DCP500 for diesel and HFO engines received it’s third Letter of No Objection from Wärtsila. First of all, issued at June 16th, 2006 for this Diesel/HFO additive, MDEChem is granted a second prolonguation until September 13th 2018 for DCP500.

The Letter of No Objection is valid for the following Wärtsilä engine types:

Wärtsilä® 20, 26, 32, 38, 46, 46F, 64, Vasa 22, 22/26, 32/32LN and Sulzer ZA 40 

MDEChem DFC or DCP500 is an application-engineered, fuel borne passivation technology, that utilizes proprietary technology to produce EPA verified results especially relevant in the areas of less damaging emissions and less diesel fuel or heavy fuel oil consumption. It is distributed outside the US by nC Surface Technology BV The Netherlands, and it’s affiliates and/or group members in Germany, Finland, Greece, India, Israel and Singapore.

Technical benefits:

  • DCP500 Diesel/HFO additive optimizes fuel burn-rate
  • Lubricates and conditions fuel-injection systems
  • Free of zinc, chlorine, alcohol, ash and heavy metals
  • Due to 5% higher combustion temperatures a better clean out of carbon deposits in slow steaming engines
  • OEM and EN590 compliant
  • ETV Green House Gas tested
  • US EPA verified

Operational benefits:

  • Factor 3 less downtime for injectors
  • Reduces visible smoke
  • Prevents gelling of diesel down to -40 ⁰C
  • Has unique HFO injection system for HFO available
  • DCP500 Diesel/HFO additive can be transported by air
  • Lowers engine oil oxidation
  • Letter of No Objection from Wärtsilä

Financial benefits:

  • 5% tot 12% less fuel consumption
  • Reduces emissions of CO, NOx, SOx, SO2 ranging up to 74%
  • Factor 3 less injector cost
  • Less oil consumption
Diesel/HFO additive: Ship log data Yang Ming "Zenith" 3750 TEU on B&W Man 10L80MC during 9,600 miles round trips

As a result, MDEChem DFC/DCP500 improves the combustion process and reduces internal friction, hence increasing fuel economy while reducing emissions and engine wear. Also, unlike additives such as cetane enhancers, alcohols, or metal-based catalysts that seek to alter the fuel, MDEChem DFC fuel-borne technology uses the fuel only as a carrier into the combustion chamber.

This patented technology utilizes two processes to positively impact the engine; a catalytic reaction and a surface conversion. Because the catalytic reaction optimizes the heat release rate, this leads to increased power, less emissions, and increased fuel efficiency as a result. The surface conversion forms an inorganic polymer complex that converts the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Consequently, this complex smoothens and passivates the metal surface, improves reflectivity (emissivity), and reduces oxygen reactivity, resulting in less friction and a more complete combustion reaction.

Diesel/HFO additive: Official EPA results on B&W Man 12K80MC-S9 during 1000 running hours pilot

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