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Special Marine Coatings in short

Firstly, nC is a group of companies. Within the group, it is with confidence we show decades of experience in preparing surfaces, optimizing industrial processes and buildings and maintenance techniques. Of course, this is our profound basis from wich we work, on higher reliability, more safety and less cost for assets like ships, plants, engines, machines and buildings for you. And this is where our special marine coatings come from.

Maritime DNA

Consequently, together with our manufacturers and our branches we work on products and development of hands-on micro- and nanotechniques. Hence, these products are performing top class in the areas of high abrasion, anti-fouling and corrosion passivation. Also electrical insulating sprays belong to the field of extreme and demanding performance only the maritime industry can ask for. Nano-based coatings that show excellent grip and performance on extremely dense and slippery surfaces like HDPE and other synthetics. And keep performing for many years, even decades. In, at and above the water.

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Find out about our projects and active cleaners through the menu. Pick your product of interest. Or check our productmatrix for an overview first. Questions? Let us know.

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A highly effective nanotech spray that particularly insulates all electric equipment and joints from shortcut, corrosion and the influences of water and freezing for years. Wanna drill under water or shine light in your flooded void? With nC ® ProTect 4100 you have got it!

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Transparent nanotech coating. Bonds chemically with (U)HDPE and other dense synthetics, metals, aluminium and stainless steel. Consequently, forms a matrix IN the surface. Indeed scratch resistant hull protection, easy-to-clean. Gloss or satin finish.

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Clear nanotech finish for coated and uncoated metal. Permanently submersible, non-permeable, non-corrosive, flexing properties. Chemical resistant. Shear and shock resistant. Consequently, can operate in -50℃ to 630℃.

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