Selfcleaning Surfaces in short

The nC Protect and Titan Protect airpurifying and selfcleaning surfaces are photocatalyst TiO2 coatings. Specifically enhanced capacities towards air purification and with self-cleaning effects. Hence, they reduce all kind of pollutants – organic as well as anorganic – in the presence of VISIBLE light. This way, they actually improve air-quality in- and outdoors and actively remove stains from surfaces and digest odours.

A tree on your ship?

Of course. The coatings combine TiO2 active in visible light with a special binder, which is unique to TiO2 coatings. The binder surrounds the TiO2 and enhances its efficiency significantly. This way airpurifying and selfcleaning coatings also protect the substrate from damage by the photocatalytic activity which makes it applicable in combination with organic materials such as paint, textile, etc. So, 900m² of TiO2 coated surface equals the air filtering capacity of 70 full-grown trees!

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A highly effective nanotech coating that makes glass surface extremely hydrophobic. Less cleaning, clear view and no baking in of salt and bird droppings. So, improve safety at the helm!

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Heavy-duty, nano-based clear coat improves panel output with 5%. The self-cleaning capacities are guaranteed through the titanium-dioxid formulation. Add another 5% to 15% improvement to your panel.

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A photocatalytic active coating, able to decompose organic compounds and pollution just by means of light. Coated windows remain clear and transparent. No annoying droplet trace formation!

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Transparent nanotech coating. Bonds chemically with acrylics and powder-coated surfaces. Selfcleaning effect by means of titanium-dioxide and visible light! Especially kitchens and restaurants benefit.

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For example sails, decks, canopies, clothes, flags will benefit. Carpets, curtains and upholstery. Transparent nanotech coating for longlasting self cleaning effect. A real cost cutter for cruiseships and ferries!

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Get rid of odours from toilets, kitchens and carpets. Decompose pollen. Especially: Beat flu. Air purifying properties by means of titanium-dioxide and visible light. Improves safety and health on board. Every day!

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