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A smart, future-oriented portfolio of categories and solutions is what we offer. It consists of material- and surface enhancers and protectors, additives, active nanobased coatings and extreme lubricants. Especially aimed for ocean-going assets, inland ships, harbours and nautic infrastructure. That’s what you will find in our categories.

nC Marine categories. Active Cleaners. Sustainable Shipping

To Active CleanersTo Active Cleaners

The tanker, water and surface-cleaners designed by Advanced Biocatalytics Corp prove that green chemistry has got it all to replace traditional surfactants and degreasers. Indeed higher quality and lower cost. Moreover, it works much faster.

nC Marine categories. Corrosion Passivation. Green Shipping

To Corrosion PassivationTo Corrosion Passivation

Stop the corrosion process on metals. Without blasting, chipping, coating or drying. Cold alloy or sol-gel technology. For salt- and fresh water solutions. Specifically, corrosion passivation works fast, clean and very cost-effective. Lots of pics and references.

nC Marine categories. Thermal Insulating Coatings. Nanotechnology. Sustainable.

To Thermal Insulating CoatingsTo Thermal Insulating Coatings

In need of insulation, but no space? No time for cladding? Want to actually SEE your pipes, tubes and vessels in spite of glasswool? In need of a heat barrier? Finally, thermal insulating coatings can solve a lot of your insulation, space and corrosion issues.

nC Marine categories. Fuel additives. Oil additives. Profitable green shipping.

To Fuel and Oil AdditivesTo Fuel and Oil Additives

For HFO and diesel fuel engines. Hence, better performance, up to 15% fuel consumption, up to times 6 less oil drains, less injector use. Particularly, verification tests, oil samples and a Letter of No Objection from worlds’ largest engine builder are available.

nC Marine nanolubricants. extreme pressure. wash-out factor. Bonding lubricant.

To Nanobased LubricantsTo Nanobased Lubricants

These proven technologies are around for a long time already. Improve service times, oil drain intervals and lubrication performance to levels especially the maritime world can require and only nanoformulated lubricants can handle.

nC Marine anti-fouling. anti-abrasion. foodgrade.

To Special Marine CoatingsTo Special Marine Coatings

Need specific characteristics? Especially when in need for abrasion resistant, extreme temperature resistant, anti-fouling, self-cleaning, electric insulating or EP coatings, you might find your solution here. Did we mention foodgrade?

nC Marine Projects

nC Marine selfcleaning surfaces. selfcleaning. nanotechnology.

To Selfcleaning SurfacesTo Selfcleaning Surfaces

Here you will find fotocatalytic active cleaners for water and soil remediation, water cleaning and cleaning of equipment. Air purifying coatings convert pollution into O2 and remove odour. Walls and carpets remain low maintenance.

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