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Archoil AR9100 Nanobased Oil Additive in short:

AR9100 originates from Archoil’s patent, Potassium Nanoborate lubrication technology. Especially this nanobased oil additive dramatically reduces operating friction and protects equipment from wear.  Consequently, oil samples show extension of operating life and reduction of energy consumption.

Boron lubrication technology development comes from the Argonne National Laboratory for the US Dept. of Energy. Representing a ground breaking advance in lubrication technology, boron demonstrates great enhancement of lubricity and protection through the formation of a nearly frictionless solid boundary layer IN metal surfaces. A nanobased oil additive was born.

Since 1990, when Dr. Ali Erdemir discovered that boron was the one of the lowest coefficient of friction elements, particularly tribologists have recognized the tremendous advancement boron lubricants represented. Years of research and practical experience in maritime environments, Archoil’s Potassium Nanoborate formulation at this point represents the latest generation in boron tribology. At this point, another huge leap forward in lubrication came with its ability to reduce boron size down to the high efficient nano quantum effect level, and deliver it in a naturally occurring fatty acid ester matrix carrier, hence a nanobased oil additive.

AR9100’s proprietary ester carrier is specially formulated to facilitate the migration of the protective boron nanoparticles to surface metal. As AR9100 bonds chemically in the metal  through a chelation process it will bring performance for a much longer period of time compared to conventional, mechanically sticking lubricants.  Archoil AR9100 does not build up on metals, it bonds into the metal surface.


Firstly, the layer of nano boron particles bonds. Hence, it always prevents metal-to-metal contact, even when machines have not been running for a very long time. Also, the nanobased oil additive reduces the coefficient of friction of metal surfaces to below 0,037%, an extremely low value, thus reducing wear and heat to a minimum possible.

Secondly, the bonding layer is extremely robust and durable. It cannot flush away just like that. Another key point, it is resistant to extremely high pressures (>10.000 bar) and resistant to extreme temperatures up to 1.800 °C. At this point, it is still providing protection where conventional lubricants are long gone. The nanoborate layer in the metal protects actively against corrosion and pitting from acidic influences. These characteristics make that oil drain intervals can improve up to factor 6.

Thirdly, Archoil AR9100 oil additive aims for extreme friction reduction and corrosion protection in the heaviest marine environments. Still, nanoborate does not contain toxic or hazardous additives, as present in conventional high-performance lubricants. It is free of heavy metals, PTFE, molybdenum, graphite, boric acid, zinc, barium and lead. In any event, marine industrial quality.

Oil drain interval without AR9100 Oil drain interval with AR9100
Caterpillar C13 500 hrs 2050 hrs
Mitsubishi S12R 500 uur 1500 hrs
Caterpillar C27 500 uur 1850 hrs
Wärtsilä 6R38 3900 hours (rejection limit) 9500 hours rejection limit not reached yet

2015 Oilsamples taken by shipowners, analized by major oil-company and independent laboratory. All results available at request.

Obviously, using Archoil AR9100 will maintain a high and usable quality of your engine, thruster and gear oil, for main engines as well as auxiliaries. Most additives used in conventional lubricants only start to work from temperatures of 20 °C and higher and drip off metals after 24 hours after machine-stop. The bonded Potassium Nanoborate is always there and works immediately.  Because hot-spots in de machinery are benefiting from nanoborate , oxidation of the lubricant and wear of the parts is downplayed to a minimum.


  • Bonds into surface
  • COF Friction 0,0375%
  • 10000 bar resistant
  • 1800 °C resistant
  • No VOC
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Prevents from pitting
  • Prevents acidic corrosion


  • Immediate protection with cold start
  • Dissolves and removes dirt and varnish inside
  • Extends oil drain intervals up to factor 6
  • Extremely reduces wear particles in oil
  • Reduces heat and vibe


  • At least 60% less lubricating oil cost
  • Times 5 less oil filter cost
  • Up to 5% less energy consumption
  • Reduces machinery downtime times 4
  • Solving injector or HEUI related cost
  • 60% less waste oil


  • Wear goggles and gloves whilst working with Archoil AR9100
  • Add premixed in case of complete oil change
  • Can be added to warm engine or transmission, running idle for 15 mins
  • Main engines and auxiliary engines treat at 1:25 up to 1:30  ratio
  • Gears, thrusters treat at 1:10 ratio
  • Hydraulic systems treat at 1:10 ratio
  • AR9100 is suitable for transport by air.
  • Store Archoil AR9100 in dry conditions.
  • Keep Archoil AR9100 in storage at temperatures between 5° C and 30° C.
  • Hold opened packaging firmly closed, and Archoil AR9100 can be stored for 2 years.
  • Archoil AR9100 is available in 0,2L, 1L, 5L, 20L, 208L or IBC packagings.


  • Color: Brown liquid
  • Base Fluid: Fatty acid ester
  • Viscosity: 150 SUS at 100OF
  • Specific Gravity: 1,000 at 25OC
  • Nano variants: Nanoborate (proprietary processing)
  • D.O.T.: Unregulated
  • V.O.C.: None
  • Biodegradable: Yes


    Falex Pin & Vee Test    ASTM D-3233  (3.5% in 100 neutral mineral oil):

    Load                3750

    Torque             47

    COF                 0.037 (coefficient of friction)

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