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Archoil AR6940 HFO additive in short:

Archoil AR6940 HFO additive is an advanced combustion modification package. Firstly, it is meant for heavy-duty marine engines running Heavy Fuels Oils (HFO), IFO or similar fuels.  AR6940 is specifically engineered to improve the inherent storage and combustion behaviour in bunkered HFO or IFO fuels.  Especially by reduction of sludge formation and optimising combustion quality improvements can be made. Engine performance and fuel consumption and secondly, reducing carbonaceous deposits in vulnerable areas of the engine are key. In the long run the HFO additive Archoil AR6940 maintains fuel system efficiency and improves fuel economy. Improvements vary between 5% to 15%, depending on engine condition and type of fuel used. Mixing ratio 1:6000.

Combustion Improver

The use of Archoil AR6940 means providing a more complete burn. At the same time, this reduces hydrocarbon deposits in the engine and post combustions areas. Secondly, reducing harmful exhaust emissions such as unburnt particulates takes place.  Likewise, improving combustion quality will maintain a cleaner and more efficient engine providing optimum performance between  engine overhauls.


Another key point: HFO and IFO are prone to agglomeration.  AR6940 HFO additive contains a stabiliser and dispersant function that reduce sludge formation. Consequently, this helps to keep fuel system components, filters, separators, heaters and fuel injectors clean. Obviously, this results in less downtime.


  • Optimizes fuel burn-rate
  • Hence cleans engine, pistons and rings
  • Reduces emissions
  • Keeps lubrication oil quality stable for a longer period of time
  • Mixing ratio 1:6000
  • OEM compliant


  • Facilitates blending with lighter fuels
  • Less oil drain intervals
  • Less fuel injector changes
  • Indeed facilitates the blending of HFO with lighter fuel oils
  • Inhibits or strongly reduces storage tank sludge formation
  • Consequently maintains fuel quality for up to 1 year


  • Reduces fuel consumption varying from 5% to 15% depending on engine condition and fuel quality
  • Reduces emissions
  • Minimizes injector cost
  • Fewer oil consumption
  • Smaller amounts of combustion related repairs or downtime


  • HFO, IFO fuel additive, at this point for viscosity 180 and higher only.
  • Pre-mix possible 1:6000.
  • Hence mixing ratio 1:6000.
  • Remove seal, for service tank/day tank use. Do not add into main tank as the mixing ability of the additive with the HFO will be poor in that stage.
  • Obviously, for best results inject into fuel dispensing stream for maximum mixing of Archoil AR6940 and fuel. nC Marine has adequate injection systems available if required, please inform about the possibilities.
  • In any event use in a well-ventilated area only.
  • Provide adequate ventilation, including local extraction, to minimise exposure to vapours.
  • Avoid breathing vapours.
  • Similarly, avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling this product.
  • Specifically, Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Take off immediately all contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse. Specifically contaminated clothing should be thoroughly cleaned or disposed of as hazardous waste.
  • Archoil AR6940 HFO, IFO additive has a shelf life of 2 years.
  • Store between temperatures of 0° Celsius and 40° Celsius.
  • Specifically, store away from oxidising agents, especially away from heat sources and away from ignition sources.
  • Archoil AR6940 is available in 5 liter cans, 20 liter pails, 200 liter drums and IBC.
  • The product is allowed for transport by air.


  • Appearance: Amber liquid
  • Odour: Aromatic
  • Density : 0.925 g/cm³ [15°C (59°F)]
  • Initial boiling point and boiling range: Lowest known value: 168.01°C (334.4°F) (1,2,4-trimethylbenzene). Weighted average: 205.6°C (402.1°F)
  • Vapour density: Highest known value: 4.6 to 5.5 (Air = 1) (Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom.). Weighted average: 5 (Air = 1)
  • Vapour pressure: Highest known value: 0.1 kPa (0.8 mm Hg) (at 20°C) (Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom.). Weighted average: 0.09 kPa (0.68 mm Hg) (at 20°C)
  • Evaporation rate: Highest known value: 0.05 (Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom.) Weighted average: 0.05 compared with butyl acetate
  • Viscosity Kinematic (40°C (104°F)): 0.07 cm2/s (7 cSt) [ISO 3104 / DIN 51562]
  • Upper/lower flammability range: Greatest known range: Lower: 0.6% Upper: 7% (Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom.)
  • Flash point: Closed cup: >60°C (140°F) [DIN EN ISO 2719]
  • Auto-ignition temperature: Lowest known value: 405°C (761°F) (Ethylenediamine, ethoxylated and propoxylated).
  • Insoluble in the following materials: cold water, hot water, methanol, diethyl ether.

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