acoustic and thermal insulation


With a sol-gel nanotechnology basis, the nC® ProTherm dB-X coating system is designed for acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as fire retardancy. dB-X has a long lasting lifetime cycle of more than 20 years outdoors, and life-long expectancy indoors.

Because of the ability to insulate with a very thin layer of coating, nC® ProTherm dB-X offers space saving and cost reducing protection at a high degree of acoustic and thermal insulation with an U-value at 4,2 W/(m²K) at 6 mm, and a lambda (λ)-value at 0,040 W/(mK).

Limiting the transmission of sound from one area to another requires material that encloses the source of the noise and forms a barrier that absorbs vibrations between the source and the adjacent areas. There are two different types of sound: airborne and impact. Airborne noises come from voices, machines, etc. Impact noise includes vibrations from machines, exhausts, your washer and dryer or rotating propellers from other ships conveyed through the water to our hull. nC® ProTherm dB-X reduces both airborne and impact noises. If your walls and hull are properly insulated, you’d probably be surprised at how much quieter noises from your neighbor, machines or outside seem!

nC ProTherm dB-X is suitable for application on metal, synthetics, brick, concrete and wood. Apply dB-X by brush, roller or spraygun. It shows a stucco-like, relief finish. Apply nC® ProTherm dB-X in one layer, between 5mm up to 18 mm. It is available in all colours and allows painting over.


  • Thermal insulation U-value 4,2 W/(m²K) at 6 mm
  • Lambda (λ)-value at 0,040 W/(mK)
  • Acoustic insulating
  • Low weight 1,2 gr/m³
  • Chemically bonds into and with surface
  • Low consumption 350 gr/m²
  • Performs in temperatures of -90°C up to 220°C
  • Low VOC
  • No hazardous fumes


  • Apply by brush or spraygun
  • One layer application between 5mm up to 18mm
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast drying
  • Suits all materials
  • Space saving
  • Chemical resistant
  • Breathes, no vapour barrier
  • +15 y of service outdoors
  • All colours available
  • Can be painted over


  • 25% up to 35% less energy cost
  • 40% up to 60% less application/project cost
  • Low cost per m²
  • First-time-right product, fast application, low impact
  • Very long service time


  • Use safety glasses. Protect hands and skin from exposure using gloves and appropriate clothing.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Obviously, substrate must be free from grease, dirt or dust before application of thermal insulating coating.
  • Ambient temperature must be between 4° C and 25° C.
  • Do not apply when ambient humidity exceeds 90%.
  • Mix dry component A 25% weight to resin component B 75% weight. Use (industrial) mixer.
  • Mix for at least 3 minutes.
  • Subsequently, do NOT use any thinner.
  • Use brush, roller or airgun/spraygun for application.
  • Film thicknesses for optimal acoustic and thermal insulation can be varied from between 5mm to 18mm WFT.
  • Cross layer-application is recommended. At this point wet-in-wet.
  • Measure WFT during application. Product expands up from between 5% to 15% during application.
  • nC® ProTherm dB-X will decrease 10% in thickness during curing time.

Table for curing times, at ambient temperature of 20° C and 60% humidity:

Surface Curing time
Sandstone, brick, gypsum, natural wood 12 hrs
Metal, concrete, pressed wood, synthetics, glass 24 hrs / 48 hrs
Product can be exposed to full rain after 12 hours
  • Let surface dry in for at least 6 hours before forced drying by means of blower or heater at 55° C max.
  • Surface can be painted over.
  • Clean brushes, rollers, nozzles with water immediately after any stop.
  • Wash hands and face after every stop.


  • Do not use as a final floor covering.
  • In case of long-term or life-long submersion, only install in combination with nC® ProTherm H2O finish.
  • Do not install over poor surfaces, such as those with flaking paint, grease or other contaminates.
  • Do not allow application during freezing temperatures.
  • Do not rely on visual measurement for coating thickness. Always use a wet film thickness (WFT) and/or dry film thickness (DFT) gauge in several areas to ensure proper application thickness.


  • Never use pressure to empty drums.
  • Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.
  • nC® ProTherm dB-X acoustic and thermal insulation has a shelf life of 6 months.
  • Consequently, store nC ProTherm dB-X between temperatures of 5° Celsius and 25° Celsius.
  • nC® ProTherm dB-X is available in 5 kg, 20 kg, 65 kg or 350 kg packaging.
  • Delivery time 1 to 3 weeks
  • UN number: None assigned.
  • UN proper shipping name: None assigned.
  • Transport hazard class(es): None assigned. Product is suitable for air transport.
  • Packing group: None assigned.
  • Environmental hazards: No known environmental hazards.
  • Special precautions for user(s): No known precautions for transport.
  • It is advised to avoid freezing product.
  • Guidance on transport in bulk: Transport in bulk according to Annex II of MARPOL 73/78 and the International Bulk Chemical Code (IBC code).


  • Appearance after mixing: White yoghurt
  • Odour: Acrylic
  • % Solids: 70,7%
  • Density 1,2 g/cm³
  • pH-Value 11,9
  • Shore Hardness A = 45 – 55

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